ēSea Digital Cinema

All the benefits of a quality aquarium

Sky Factory’s ēSea is a Digital Cinema window designed to provide the therapeutic benefits of watching the gentle gliding motion of sea life and other secluded ecosystems.

eSea’s feature-length footage is unedited,
creating the feeling of a genuine underwater world.

ESea Benefits

A Visual Connection to Nature

According to environmental psychology, one of the most restorative features of an interior space is a visual connection to nature. ēSea provides an engrossing view into the hidden world of underwater creatures as they explore their surroundings.

ēSea is a self-contained, digital aquarium system featuring a wall-recessed, professional grade 4K monitor embedded in a full-size, custom window frame.

ESea Feature Length Scene

Feature-Length Scenes

Unlike prevalent nature footage that is edited to show multiple viewpoints, Sky Factory’s Digital Cinema Virtual Windows display a scene from a single point-of-view—like a real aquarium. ēSea’s multi-sensory enchantment is born from our visual artists’ ability to frame scenes in a way that leverages the masterful principles of painterly composition, effectively creating a temporal painting—movement in time, yet stillness in place.

Scene Library

ēSea Scenes

Sea Nettle Jellyfish

The undulating motion of Sea Nettle jellyfish creates a intensely interesting and calming effect. The natural habitat for West Coast Sea Nettles, a species of jellyfish, is from Mexico to Canada, most commonly in the coastal waters off California and Oregon.


67 minutes


Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Omaha

Scene ID


Clown Fish and Anemone

Clownfish live in a symbiotic relationship with certain anemones. They are the only fish that are able to live among the sea anemones’ tentacles and not get stung. Clownfish are very active and extremely aggressive, defending their territory which includes the sea anemone. Clownfish eat bits of the anemones’ leftover fish and clean parasites from their tentacles.


65 minutes


Blank Park Zoo, Des Moines

Scene ID


Shark Reef

Secret Reef, the Tennessee Aquarium’s largest exhibit, is designed after the Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the Golf of Mexico. Sand tiger sharks and sandbar sharks are the stars of this exhibit, with colorful reef fish like queen angelfish and blue tangs (think Dory in “Finding Nemo”) adding a dash of flash.


77 minutes


Tennessee Aquarium

Scene ID



Light filters through the freshwater, dappling the crappies as they school together in the underwater landscape. Shovelnose sturgeon, other sunfish and a Mississippi map turtle are also featured in this freshwater aquatic environment of lakes and rivers of North America.


46 minutes


Tennessee Aquarium

Scene ID


Amazon River

During the rainy season, the Amazon rises more than 9 meters (30 ft) flooding the surrounding forests. Fish thrive, feeding on the fruit and seeds that fall from the canopy. One of the most famous of these fruit-eating fish, the tambaqui, crushes fallen seeds with its strong jaws.


77 minutes


Tennessee Aquarium

Scene ID


Philippine Coral Reef

Welcome to the Philippine Coral Reef, home to 500 species of coral and 2,000 species of fish. Filtered sunlight bathes the coral reef and a variety of species glide in and out of rocky crevices. Blue-and-yellow fusiliers school together as Staghorn coral sways gently in the background.


54 minutes


California Academy of Science, San Francisco, California

Scene ID


Anemone and Coral

Beautiful Clownfish play among deadly tentacles of sandy gold and orange sea anemones while the bright orange Sea Goldie makes frequent appearances. Blacktail damselfish, with their alternating black and white vertical bands, and Flame Angelfish patrol for algae and crustaceans.


51 minutes


California Academy of Science, San Francisco, California

Scene ID


Coral Canyon

Peer into the deep reef habitat where over 4,000 fish representing over 100 species glide in and out of rocky crevices. Enjoy views of Staghorn coral, Pacific Regal Blue Tang, and Emperor Angelfish whose striking colors make it a favorite of professional photographers.


56 minutes


California Academy of Science, San Francisco, California

Scene ID


ESea Feature Boulder 1

Working with this company has been fantastic. Every single question was answered immediately. They couldn’t have been more helpful or responsive. They were the best company of everybody I worked with.

Cheryl Kantor-Goldenberg, DDS


ēSea Unique Features

Therapeutic Aquatic Scenes

Each unit features 8+ hours of unedited, feature-length dynamic scenes. ēSea’s unique footage cannot be found anywhere else.

Fast, Efficient Installation

Recess eSea’s self-contained system 4 inches [10cm] into the wall and anchor its steel mounting pan for a durable, professional installation.

Diverse Underwater Worlds

Our library includes Sea Nettle Jellyfish, a Shark Reef, Clown Fish and Anemones, Tropical Fish in the Philippine Coral Reef, and an Amazon Jungle River.

Maintenance-Free Operation

Our Digital Cinema monitors are rated for commercial use, engineered to withstand prolonged operation (24/7 in many applications) for many years.

Contemporary Trim Options

Essential to this immersive experience is the architectural context provided by the trim, available in aluminum (silver or black).

Build your Digital Library

Build your collection of marine environments. Available in blocks of 4 hours, up to 16 hours of UHD content. Contact us for details.


How ēSea, a Digital Cinema Portal, Works

How ESea Works Exploded

1. Trim

Available in aluminum trim (silver or black). See the Buyer’s Guide for details.

2. 4K Monitor

Industrial-grade, 4K monitor for commercial and clinical applications.

3. Mounting Pan

Durable and easy to install, this system’s mounting pan houses the monitor and all the system’s components for a robust and safe assembly.

4. Rough Opening

Model 4123 and 4726 will fit a standard 2” x 4” (5cm x 10cm) stud wall.

5. Wall Mounted Controller

Easy-to-use 8-button controller with on-screen guidance and a user-friendly menu.


ēSea Digital Cinema Benefits

Lowers Stress & Anxiety

Mitigates the distress caused by exams, injections, blood draws, and other clinical procedures.

Pathogen-Free Relaxation

Delivers therapeutic benefits without the inherent risks of water-borne pathogens and odors associated with real aquariums.

Builds Rapport with Patients

The gentle motion of sea life enables caregivers to start a friendly dialogue with patients.

Reliable Biophilic Design

Offers relaxing access to diverse marine and other underwater environments in a single and durable, gallery-quality portal.


ēSea is Available in Two Sizes

ESea Size Graphic

Model 4123

41” x 23” (104cm x 58.4cm)
Optimal viewing distance: 6ft (1.83m)
Minimum viewing distance: 4ft (1.21m)

Model 4726

47” x 26” (119.4cm x 66cm)
Optimal viewing distance: 8ft (2.44m)
Minimum viewing distance: 5ft (1.52m)


ēSea Product Resources

Buyer’s Guide & Technical Specifications

Installation Instructions

Sky Factory ēSea Digital Virtual Aquariums are shipped with installation instructions. If you need additional copies, contact our technical support team.