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SkyView Digital Cinema

The World’s Only Virtual Skylight with Biophilic Scenes

Sky Factory’s SkyView is a digital cinema, multisensory illusion of real sky that restores occupant wellness by providing a beautiful, therapeutic focal point in isolated spaces.

SkyView is the only virtual skylight with feature-length
scenes that deliver a credible illusory sky.

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A Much Welcome Connection

SkyView transforms interiors with a multisensory illusion of dynamic sky events that reassures occupants with a beautiful and therapeutic focal point in isolated spaces. Its gravitationally-correct footage (perpendicular to the ground) provides the proper spatial orientation.

By introducing spatial polarity—a dramatic change of scale—in artificial interiors, SkyView brings in Prospect and Refuge (a commanding sky view from a place of comfort). Its soothing, drifting clouds and gently swaying branches provide an effective way to comfort patients undergoing stressful diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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Feature Length Scenes

Sky Factory works with unedited, single point-of-view feature-length footage of sky events within a fully designed architectural portal.

SkyView provides the essential environmental cues, including proper perspective, scale, and undistorted dynamic compositions that trigger spatial cognition, thereby generating a palpable feeling of expansion in the viewer.

Our RED Digital Cinema footage is the only proprietary UltraHD real-time content that offers dynamic overhead views of the zenith.

Scene Gallery

SkyView Scene Gallery

Summer Afternoon Cycles: Creation and Dissolution

Three distinct layers of cloud activity are present throughout. Because of parallax, the vastly different apparent speed and direction of movements produce a dramatic 3D visualization of discreet cloud layers.


84 minutes

Scene ID


Summer Mountain Sky with Aspens

Blue sky alternates with high and low afternoon cloud formations. Quaking aspens, just below timberline (8500 feet), are, except for occasional moments of stillness, in constant motion from changing winds.


105 minutes

Scene ID


Autumn Afternoon with Gingko and Pine

This is the day when a quiet autumn suddenly shifts to winter. Overcast sky gives way to open blue under the influence of increasing cold wind. Strong gusty winds deliver a variety of dramatic, rapidly changing cloud patterns and formations.


94 minutes

Scene ID


Summer Early Morning Sky

As high clouds move and dissipate, a third cloud layer appears. Lower clouds develop rapidly and reflect the last of the warm sunrise light and color. Multiple layers of clouds growing and moving in widely different directions reveal early morning activity from rising temperatures.


102 minutes

Scene ID


Autumn Late Afternoon with Gingko and Pine

Fast-moving clouds and brilliant sunlight alternately silhouette and illuminate yellow gingko. A colorful sunset illuminates the underside of changing clouds mixing grays, pinks and blues. Dusk occurs with a clear blue sky seen through silhouetted trees.


94 minutes

Scene ID


Winter Sky: Creation, Dissolution, Creation

High altitude clouds quickly dissolve into a pure blue sky. Low clouds begin to emerge and establish increasingly strong fractal patterns. Wind stretches and elongates the clouds, leaving only fragments reminiscent of the beginning of the sequence. All clouds dissolve leaving clear blue.


73 minutes

Scene ID


Summer Sky with Pines and Cliff

Gentle breezes, deep blue sky, a constant display of light clouds, and occasional birds add up to a typical mountain afternoon. High and low clouds appear, moving in different directions . Silhouetted and highly lit pines display patterns that are mimicked by periods of passing clouds.


79 minutes

Scene ID


Autumn Sunset and Nightfall

High clouds are in cool shadow while low clouds are lit from beneath by the warm light of the setting sun. Internal shadows of low clouds display a wide range of subtle colors and grays. As low afternoon clouds disappear, multiple levels are revealed by the changing angle and color of the setting sun.


60 minutes

Scene ID


Spring Sky: Afternoon to Night with Blossoming Hawthorne

Intense pink blossoming Hawthorne trees are in continual wind-blown movement as the cumulus clouds float overhead in a spring-blue sky. The last clouds of the day dissolve into the deepening dusky blue night sky. Night is framed by absolutely still Hawthorne silhouettes.


189 minutes

Scene ID


Four Firs and Mountain Clouds

At 7,000 feet of elevation, the sky and morning clouds are seen through an opening in the fir forest. Here the sky is at its bluest, the sunshine is clear and both contrast with the pure white morning clouds. Because one is close to the clouds, the details of their motion becomes evident – and fast.


69 minutes

Scene ID


Goldenberg02 large SkyView fixed cropped

 I didn’t expect how it enhanced my mood, my staff’s mood, and my patients’ mood! I’ve had patients say, ‘This is like a present that you gave us, Cheryl. It’s amazing.’

Dr. Cheryl Kantor-Goldenberg, Manhattan Dental Practice, NYC


SkyView Unique Features

Restorative Skyward Scenes

Each unit features 8+ hours of unedited, feature-length zenith scenes. SkyView’s unique overhead nature imagery and filmed for our system and cannot be found anywhere else.

Maintenance-free Operation

Our Digital Cinema monitors are rated for commercial use, engineered to withstand prolonged operation (24/7 in many healthcare applications) for many years.

Feature-length Footage

With an average length of 90+ minutes, our extensive library includes a select range of drifting cloud patterns, overhanging branches and foliage, and other salient landscape features—all in artfully composed master sequences.

Durable Monitor Technology

Unique commercial-grade edge-lit LED monitors rated for horizontal use. Our self-contained systems are encased in a custom designed steel pan that ensures effective convection, ensuring continuous airflow and proper ventilation.

Fast, Efficient Installation

Recess SkyView’s self-contained system 4 inches (10cm) into the ceiling and anchor its steel mounting pan for a durable, professional installation.

Build your Digital Library

Add to your collection of scenic sky events. Available blocks of 4 hours, up to 16 hours of UHD content. Contact us for details.

SkyView Details

How SkyView Works

SkyView Exploded View for Website

1. 4K Monitor

Industrial-grade, 4K monitor for commercial usage.

2. Cover

Protects and controls electronics environment.

3. Trim & Mounting Structure

Holds and supports monitor, anchors assembly to the ceiling, and provides an aesthetic visual portal to the video content.

4. Wall Mounted Controller

Wall mounted touch screen controller allows the user to select scene and playlists, pause, stop, and play scenes.

SkyView Unique Benefits

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Mitigates the distress caused by exams, long waiting times, and the uncertainty associated with visits to the doctor.

Bypass Code Restrictions

Delivers the therapeutic benefits of a visual connection to nature in secure areas where government or building codes restrict skylight openings or where they are cost prohibitive.

Builds Rapport with Patients

The serene but lively overhead skies enable caregivers to start a friendly dialogue with patients. SkyView also delivers a memorable welcome to your space.

Durable Biophilic Design

Offers relaxing access to dynamic, open skies in a single and architecturally-sound skylight framework.


SkyView Product Resources

Installation Instructions

Sky Factory SkyView Digital Virtual SkyCeilings are shipped with installation instructions. If you need additional copies, contact our technical support team.