SkyCeiling Lighting Options

Sky Factory pioneered the first LED RF-free lighting for MRI environments

Cosem Hero

LED Lighting Solutions for SkyCeilings

EcoPlus LED

Lighting options ecoPlus big

EcoPlus Benefits

Most affordable and flexible lighting system

Suitable for complex geometries

Daylight-balanced artificial light

MRI Compatible

EcoSlim LED

Lighting options ecoSlim big

EcoSlim Benefits

Designed for low ceiling clearance settings

Ideal for renovation and retrofit installations

Daylight-balanced artificial light

MRI Compatible

IRIS Circadian

Lighting solutions IRIS

IRIS Benefits

Provides circadian rhythm support

Supports better health and mental acuity

Enhances staff morale and performance

Geo-location programmable

SkyCeiling Fixture Height

Distance is measured from the bottom of the grid or finished ceiling into the plenum.


Revelation SkyCeilings
8.75″ / 22.2cm

Aperture SkyCeilings
6.88″ / 17.5cm

Classic SkyCeilings
7.25″ / 18.5cm (EP22)

7.5″ / 19cm (EP24)

Custom SkyCeilings
7.25″ / 18.5cm


Revelation SkyCeilings
6.25″ / 15.9cm

Aperture SkyCeilings
Not Available

Classic SkyCeilings
5.13″ / 13cm


Revelation SkyCeilings
9.75″ / 24.7cm

Aperture SkyCeilings
7.88″ /

Classic SkyCeilings
8.25″/ 21cm (rectilinear only)

Custom SkyCeilings
8.25″ / (rectilinear only)

EcoPlus Specifications

EcoPlus Revelation SkyCeilings

EcoSlim Specifications

EcoSlim Revelation SkyCeilings

IRIS Specifications

EcoSlim Revelation SkyCeilings

Sky Factory edge-lit (EcoSlim) and back-lit (EcoPlus) LED lighting systems are designed to illuminate our modular rectilinear, curvilinear, and custom SkyTiles (image panels). Enliven the biological, non-visual therapeutic benefits of light in every area of your facility.

Our LED lighting systems are not designed for direct ambient illumination. They illuminate our SkyTiles. Please speak with a Sky Designer about your project.

MRI Safe LED RF-Free Lighting

Sky Factory pioneered the first LED RF-free lighting for MRI environments. Our technology provides:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Maintenance-free lifespan of 40,000+ hours
  • Flawless evenness in illumination
  • Fully compatible for MRI and other RF-free environments
  • Full dimmable capabilities
  • Seismic Capable