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Infinity SkyCeilings

A popular solution for exposed ceilings, Infinity evokes a visceral experience of vertical space when viewed directly underneath its circumference. Viewed from any other vantage point, Infinity’s luminous oblong oculus is an attractive spatial feature.

Infinity’s visual illusion is a great complement
to acoustic ceiling cloud arrays.

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Soaring Skylight

Sky Factory’s Infinity SkyCeiling is a suspended wafer of sky that imbues interiors with calibrated daylight-quality light and authentic overhead sky imagery. Its pre-cut components make it easy to install and enhance open ceilings in large interiors with a colorful and unexpected vantage point—a perceived illusory opening to the sky.


Open Skies Image Technology

Unlike commercial nature photography that is licensed for an assortment of media and projects, Sky Factory’s photographic Open Sky Compositions™ are captured, composed, and arranged with a single architectural purpose in mind—to generate the most credible illusion of idyllic overhead skies.

All our photographers, printers, craftspeople, and engineers labor with quality and locally sourced materials to create outstanding American-made installations that lead the industry in durability, craftsmanship, and aesthetics.

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In this room we need the creative juices to flow. The Luminous SkyCeiling seems to take all limits off of our thinking.

Tim Hawthorne, Founder, Hawthorne Direct

Sky Factory Infinity SkyCeiling Features


Patented Architectural Reveals

Infinity’s 1” [2.5cm] SkyTile™ elevators raise the image panels above the cloud perimeter, enhancing the illusion of depth within the oculus.

Proprietary Open Sky Photography

By setting up gravitationally correct sky photography (perpendicular to the ground), our photographers capture the zenith and generate the most credible overhead sky illusion.

Suspended Cloud System

Infinity comes equipped with a sturdy skylight framework designed for stable suspension in open plenum spaces and high ceilings.

Calibrated LED Lighting System

We manufacture all LEDs for superior performance and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), 6500K.

Available in Four Sizes

Infinity’s suspended cloud family is available in four diameters: 4’3” [1.3m], 6’7” [2m], 9’ [2.8m] and 12’9” [3.9m].

Elegant Cloud Perimeter

Infinity features a curved aluminum trim with an 8” [20cm] vertical profile with a matte white finish.

Infinity SkyCeiling Benefits

Opens Up Enclosed Interiors

Infinity SkyCeilings transform interiors with a palpable illusion of open sky that foster relaxation and promote emotional balance.

Complements Acoustic Clouds

Sky Factory’s Open Sky Compositions infuse spaces with a change of visual scale, which triggers an autonomic relaxation response.

Effective Wayfinding Solution

Infinity SkyCeilings are also attractive wayfinding features in large enclosed interiors that help to visually anchor distinct areas.

Attractive Biophilic Feature

Pleasant enclosed interiors play a key role in retaining staff and raising job satisfaction, both of which boost better patient care.



How Infinity SkyCeilings Work

INFINITY exploded

1. LED Lighting Systems

The EcoPlus LED lighting system provides outstanding daylight quality light.

Lighting Options

2. SkyTiles (image panels)

Non-glare, lightweight polycarbonate image panels featuring a high-resolution, proprietary digital image color-calibrated for optimal daylight illumination.

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3. Classic Reveals

Patented Sky Factory Infinity elevators are moisture-resistant aluminum reveals (1.25” [3cm] vertical profile, powder-coated, white matte finish) that recess the image panels above the grid, creating the robust structural appearance of a real skylight.

4. Curved Perimeter

Curved aluminum trim with 8” [20cm] vertical profile, 15/16” [2.4cm] white ceiling grid and full suspension system package. Grid is pre-cut to fit all four sizes.


Infinity SkyCeilings Available in Four Sizes

Using our 3′ x 3′ [90cm x 90cm] Luminous SkyTiles, Sky Factory designers and engineers have created four different options for your design needs. These can be combined for dramatic impact in any open ceiling area. Please see Tech Specs for the most precise dimensions.

Infinity Sizes imperial and metric


Infinity SkyCeilings Product Resources

Installation Instructions

General Installation Instructions


24PS HLG Electrical Installations Packets


Sky Factory HLG Power System


These items are shipped with your Sky Factory Infinity SkyCeiling. If you need additional copies, contact our technical support team.

  • SkyTile Layout
  • SkyCeiling Grid Plan GR1
  • SkyCeiling Suspension Plan SP1
  • SkyCeiling EcoPlus LED Bar Layout EL1
  • SkyCeiling EcoPlus Fixture and Wiring Layout EL2
  • SkyCeiling Detail Drawings DE2-4