A beautiful sky is our most universal experience of nature.

Sky Factory brings the vastness of the sky inside.

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Luminous SkyCeilings Delnor Image 1

Luminous SkyCeilings

Transform interiors with restorative illusory skies.

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Luminous Virtual Windows Hidaka 1c

Luminous Virtual Windows

Create portals to relaxation with illuminated images of nature.

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Digital Cinema Boulder Image 1b

4K Digital Cinema

Digital presentations of land and sea bring nature inside.

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Sky Factory’s research-verified products reduce stress and enhance wellness by generating an autonomic relaxation response.

Clouds at sunset
Cloudy sky through trees
Sky Factory products are featured in All Top 10 American Hospitals as ranked by U.S. News & World Report (2022-23). Quality is at the heart of what we 
do – materials, craftsmanship, and service.