Elevate the patient experience and boost staff wellbeing with research-verified virtual skylights and windows that transform the environment of care.

Sky Factory Revelation in MRI suite

The Restorative Benefits of Luminous Virtual SkyCeilings

In the high pressure environment of clinical care where diagnostic and therapeutic spaces are strictly codified, feature sophisticated equipment, and are often in isolated areas, the surroundings may be efficient, but they are also intimidating. Therefore, architectural features that offer a visual connection to nature with a tangible change of scale have a profound effect on human health and performance.

Research has shown that a more pleasant workplace not only improves job satisfaction, but also impacts the quality of patient care. Therefore, a better environment of care carries positive outcomes for patients that include reduced stress and anxiety, better emotional resilience, and a positive perception of the quality of care received.

Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows

  • Relax and Soothe Patients
  • Reduce Staff Burnout
  • Improve Health Outcomes
  • Enhance Emotional Balance
  • Generate Higher Patient Satisfaction Scores

Research has established that exposure to nature and nature imagery alleviates stress, provides positive distraction, reduces pain medication use, and shortens hospital stays. Because of their superior realism, exquisite composition, unique luminous presentation, and quality craftsmanship, Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings (virtual skylights) and Luminous Virtual Windows bring nature inside and provide a more restorative environment of care for patients, their families, as well as support caregivers by creating a more beautiful workplace.

Sky Factory products bring the beauty of nature in stunning scale and vivid detail in a cost-effective way that transforms any area devoid of a visual connection to nature.

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Radiology

Diagnostic and therapeutic imaging settings are full of sophisticated equipment. Luminous SkyCeilings ameliorate claustrophobia in reduced spaces by generating a perceived opening overhead.

Our biophilic illusions of nature reset the perceived zenith, the highest point above the head of the observer, giving the illusory sky its characteristic peacefulness.

No one enters our CyberKnife vault without commenting on the beauty of the Luminous SkyCeiling.

Richard L. Deming, MD, Medical Director of MercyOne Richard Deming Cancer Center

Lobbies, Hallways and Work Stations

Unlike overstimulating televised content, our suite of virtual skylights and architecturally framed nature landscapes create a relaxing focal point in busy or confining waiting rooms.

Our Digital Cinema line features fluid, long-form nature footage that is properly scaled to fit within a simulated skylight framework or window-like frame.

By providing an architectural context to the visual content, we alter how occupants perceive their surroundings, making them feel more relaxed.

Our selection of pristine environments, wildlife, and underwater marine environments delights your visitors to an inviting and sensory-rich welcome.

Patient and Emergency Rooms

Most patient rooms offer an urban view that offer little contact with nature. Designed to fit into the most equipped hospital ceilings, Luminous SkyCeilings, usher the benefits of biophilic engagement through beautiful 2’ X 6’ single bed configurations.

Larger patient suites are also ideal environments for Luminous Virtual Windows, particularly in metropolitan hospitals with no visual access to natural spaces.

Incorporating a Luminous SkyCeiling is an excellent way for designers to provide patients with the benefits of a natural skylight, even on the ground floor of a multistory urban facility.

Scott Widdall – Project Architect, Widdall Architects

Treatment Rooms

Therapeutic interventions require that patients lay still for extended periods having nothing to hold their attention but the ceiling tiles. An attractive overhead view of the sky provides a sensory-rich opening that engages the patient’s imagination, memories, and positive emotions.

Luminous SkyCeilings, Luminous Virtual Windows, and our suite of Digital Cinema products add a biophilic, healing dimension to isolated clinical spaces.

The Luminous SkyCeilings have enhanced our patients’ surgical visits. The sense of nature, peace, and calmness permeates the recovery room area. It is the talk of the community!

Joyce Deno – Chief Operating Officer, Regent Surgical Health

Enhance Workplace Wellness

Our seasoned and creative Sky Designers look forward to working with you. Bring the proven human wellness benefits of biophilic design to your space and make an investment that pays ample dividends to the bottom line.

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