Henry Domke is an American fine art photographer well-known for his serene and evocative nature images. His work graces the lobbies, hallways, and waiting rooms of leading healthcare facilities in the United States.

Henry’s first career as a family physician allowed him to understand how patients and their families feel when dealing with medical issues and the stress of coping with both treatment and illness.

Over time, Henry’s passion for photography lead him to pursue a master’s degree in Fine Art at the University of Missouri-Columbia. In 1981, Henry and his wife acquired a 600-acre property in central Missouri that they developed, over time, into the Prairie Garden Trust, a public nature garden.

“Much of my art is based on the native plants and animals that I find in ‘my backyard,'” says Henry. “But I’ve also found inspiration farther afield in coastal landscapes, mountainous terrains, desert scenes, and seashells.”

Image 2 Mountains Lakes and Fall Trees

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