A division of Kentucky Trailer and a leading design/manufacturer of custom trailers and specialty vehicles, Advanced Mobility now offers Sky Factory’s Luminous SkyCeilings in its mobile medical imaging trailers.

The company showcased a custom model at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual conference in late November, 2017.

Advanced Mobility Mobile Imaging Unit at RSNA
Luminous SkyCeilings are now featured in medical imaging vehicles.

Incorporating Sky Factory’s Luminous SkyCeilings in our mobile medical imaging units adds a new dimension to our vehicles,

Tom Biwan, Senior Director of Sales at Advanced Mobility

“The SkyCeiling enhances the patient experience by creating a therapeutic focal point with a perceived access to wide open blue sky.”

Luminous SkyCeilings are the only research-verified virtual skylights in the market.

Unlike standard, back-lit photography, Sky Factory’s Open Sky Compositions—the photographic component in the virtual skylight—are specifically captured and composed to create a perceived multisensory portal that triggers spatial cognition and depth perception.

“Our photography is designed to create a credible depth illusion” says Skye Witherspoon, CEO of Sky Factory.

“We put together different compositional elements—daylight-quality lighting, calibrated photography and printing techniques, and architectural reveals—that when put together create a very convincing perspective for the observer; in this case, the imaging patient. It alters their perception.

“The image’s composition and luminosity literally dissipates whatever anxieties and reservations patients might hold about the session,” adds Witherspoon. “When you experience the unexpected, you forget where you’re at.”

Advanced Mobility Trailer Interior
Advanced Mobility Medical Imaging Vehicle at RSNA, Chicago. November 2017. © Sky Factory

Advanced Mobility’s medical imaging division has manufactured and refurbished hundreds of mobile units for all medical shared service providers. The company has strong relationships with all major O.E.M. in imaging, including Philips, General Electric, Toshiba, and Siemens, which has been crucial in developing new markets.

Advanced Mobility has exported custom imaging vehicles as far as Israel, in the Middle East, and South Korea, in the Far East.

“We’re committed to designing environmental features that make imaging sessions more comfortable for the patient and more efficient for the operator,” says Jeff Johnson, Sky Designer at the Sky Factory.

“We understand that the smoother the session goes, the more sessions you can schedule, and this enables these vehicles to provide better service to the end user and become a valuable asset for busy clinics.”