The new LINAC suite at McHenry Hospital features an impressive 21’ X 14’ Luminous SkyCeiling Ellipse. The installation’s rectilinear SkyTiles measure 3’ X 3’, which provide more than double the visual surface area than the Classic 2’ X 2’ SkyTiles, opens up the illusory sky above the equipment even further.

Within the larger elliptical perimeter that frames the Open Sky Composition lies a second elliptical perimeter that holds ceiling-mounted monitors and cameras, as well as assorted imaging systems. At a perpendicular angle, the ellipse within an ellipse generates attractive curves.

The elliptical sky illusion provides a commanding visual and spatial footprint above the patient and the radiologists that has an autonomic effect on the physiology, facilitating a relaxation response. The Luminous SkyCeiling’s calibrated LED lighting helps support mental acuity and emotional balance by providing a credible illusion of perceived proximity to a natural exterior.

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Northwestern Medicine McHenry

Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital is a nationally recognized acute care teaching hospital with a network of more than 600 physicians in 70 specialties who provide comprehensive medical care. The hospital specializes in cardiovascular interventions, surgical services, inpatient physical rehabilitation and obstetrics.

The McHenry Hospital Cancer Center is accredited through the Commission on Cancer and provides a full range of treatment services, including on-site infusion center and radiation therapy. The Center is part of Northwestern Memorial Hospital who ranks as a Top 20 Best Hospital in Cancer Care by the U.S. News & World Report 2023-’24.