Advancing the impact of biophilic design on well-being and productivity

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Sky Factory is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of the profound impact of biophilic design on human well-being and productivity. With a strong commitment to education and research, we continuously strive to deepen our understanding of the connection between nature and human experience.

Through collaborations with leading academic institutions, healthcare providers, and industry experts, we conduct rigorous studies, gather empirical evidence, and generate valuable insights that shape the future of biophilic design.

Our mission is to share this knowledge with architects, designers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders, empowering them to create spaces that inspire, heal, and nurture. Join us in exploring the transformative power of nature and discover how our research-driven approach can revolutionize the way we design and experience built environments.

Continuing Education

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Sky Factory is a registered provider for leading architectural, interior design, and patient experience organizations…

Biophilia & Biophilic Design

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Learn about the concept of Biophilia and how its application to built environments affects human health and happiness…

Scientific Research

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Sky Factory engages in cooperative Scientific Research to better understand the cognitive mechanisms at work…