Kurume University Hospital

Established back in 1928, Kurume University Hospital in Kurume City was established as a private Kyushu Medical School. It consists of six faculties with thirteen departments, five graduate schools and twenty-one research centers spread over two campuses and two hospitals.

The Asachi-machi campus, situated on the south bank of the Chicago River is much older and includes the University Hospital, as well as both the Graduate School of Medicine, the School of Medicine, and the School of Medical Technology. To improve patient experience and staff well-being, Kurume University Hospital worked with Sky Factory to bring our research-verified Illusions of Nature to their LINAC and IG-IMRT therapeutic radiology suites.

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    Classic Luminous SkyCeilings
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    Kurume, Japan
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Kurume University Hospital Tomotherapy LSC Image 1

Tomotherapy Suite

One of Kurume University Hospital’s Tomotherapy suites features an Accuray Radixact System with Image Guided, Intensity Modulated radiation Therapy (IG-IMRT) that shapes radiation to the tumor while sparing normal, healthy tissue.

Above the patient couch, the radiology team selected a 1.8m by 1.8m Luminous SkyCeiling, featuring high resolution tropical palm trees and high white clouds on the perimeter of the virtual skylight depicting a bright, blue sky.

The installation features two additional 61cm X 61cm panels that pierce the ceiling plane on the other side of the gantry, extending the tropical theme with abundant flora that create the restorative experience of perceived openness to a natural exterior.


Kurume University Hospital’s LINAC suite features Varian’s TrueBeam Radiotherapy System with image-guided, radiotherapy and radiosurgery that offers a wide spectrum of advanced treatment modalities, including stereotactic body radiotherapy (STRT).

Sky Factory designers in collaboration with the radiology team opted to break-up the Open Sky Composition into four quadrants: each rectilinear virtual skylight measuring 61cm by 61cm. The Luminous SkyCeiling features a blossoming spring trees and cherry blossoms surrounded by high altitude wispy white clouds and a cool blue sky.

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