Senior Living

Enhance senior living environments and boost resident wellness with Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings (virtual skylights), Luminous Virtual Windows, and Digital Cinema portals.

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Enhance Resident Wellness and Staff Wellbeing

Our research-verified virtual skylights and healthcare lighting applications are specifically designed to optimize the living experience for seniors, creating environments that promote wellness, engagement, and a sense of tranquility. From our realistic Luminous SkyCeilings that bring the outdoors inside, to our elegant, large format Luminous Virtual Windows and dynamic Digital Cinema portals, we prioritize the wellbeing and quality of life for seniors in both residential and community settings. Discover how our transformative solutions can create nurturing spaces that facilitate relaxation, social connection, and overall happiness for seniors in your community.

Community Living Spaces

Community is at the heart of senior living. Whether it’s independent living developments, assisted living, or even nursing care, having access to a strong social circle is a core component of wellness. Interiors that are beautiful and engaging support mental acuity and facilitate meaningful social interaction.

Our Luminous SkyCeilings are award-winning architectural features that transform gathering spaces into relaxing environments where friends and family can engage their loved ones in a home-like atmosphere.

It is really nice to sit in the room on a rainy day and feel like you are outside on a spring day.

Laura Jett – Director, Memory Care Unit
Cypress Glen Retirement Community

Craft Areas, Cafes, and Amenity Rooms

In areas where activities involve a balance between individual activities and social interaction, our Digital Cinema product line offers the attractive and engaging experience of fluid motion and spatial proximity to a variety of natural landscapes, underwater scenery, and overhead skies.

By providing architectural context to properly scaled visual content, residents gain precious access to beautiful views of nature, lending interior spaces a remarkable ambiance of quiet and repose.

Select from a range of wild, undisturbed panoramas, colorful wildlife, and underwater marine environments to enhance your residential experience.

Private Residential Space

Residential spaces in urban areas often lack meaningful access to green spaces. However, Sky Factory’s biophilic illusions of nature are able to outfit interiors with beautiful vantage points that transform enclosed or isolated interiors into attractive spaces.

Whether you’re looking for an overhead view of the sky to break up a large master bedroom or face an adjacent sitting nook without windows, our Luminous SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows can alter the look and feel of any space. By creating a perceived connection to a natural exterior, you transform the space in an enduring way.

Memory Care and Sensory-Rich Rooms

When residents require additional care due to cognitive decline, caregivers often need to monitor and potentially curtail their movements. This leads to a second set of challenges for care facilities. In order to keep residents with faltering cognitive skills engaged, the reduced footprint or the supervised space must be a sensory-rich environment.

Sky Factory’s Digital Cinema product line provides a research-verified, architectural solution to enhance memory care units and outfit sensory rooms with illusions of nature—virtual portals, windows, and skylights—that create perceived open space, which helps reduce mental agitation by mitigating claustrophobia.

Unlike overstimulating televised content that creates a cognitive load, our unedited, feature-length footage is designed to reduce mental agitation and trigger an automatic Relaxation Response; the same one we experience outdoors in natural settings.

Hallways and Wayfinding

Transform interior hallways and other interior spaces into pleasant throughways by introducing an unexpected architectural feature. A perceived visual conduit to open skies generates an intuitive feeling of wellbeing as occupants feel comforted by the sense of open space. A virtual skylight also serves as a wayfinding feature that helps residents navigate through the connecting hallways of the building.

A Luminous SkyCeiling or a series of Luminous Virtual Windows can be the difference between exacerbating or alleviating distress in older residents that remain indoors or when staff is unable to bring them outside in a safe and timely manner.

Elevate Your Senior Living Facility

Our experienced Sky Designers look forward to working with you to give your retirement community a visually engaging advantage over your competitors that quickly translates into quantifiable benefits for the health of your residents.

Experience Sky Factory First-Hand

You can experience our senior living lighting solutions by requesting a visit from our mobile gallery showroom, the SkyMobile, or you can arrange a virtual visit where our experts can help answer your questions.