Is your practice designed for stress relief? Boost new patient flow and gain great referrals by providing the most relaxing dental experience.

Sky Factory Custom SkyCeiling in New York Pediatric Dental Office

Immediate Benefits for Dental Environments

Sky Factory Luminous Virtual SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows reduce mental agitation and physical distress by providing a comforting, multi-sensory view to open sky. And, by delivering superior comfort to your dental and orthodontic patients, you gain a loyal clientele. Satisfied customers become your strongest advocates as word-of-mouth outreach generates new patient flow.

Unlike overstimulating distraction technologies like televised content, which are viewed in an awkward position, Sky Factory’s illusions of nature soothe patients with therapeutic views of open skies and undisturbed nature panoramas whose illusory zenith gives supine patients a sensory-rich portal to relax and engage their imagination..

Reception Areas & Waiting Rooms

Never boring or overstimulating, our views to nature enhance the patient experience in your office, comforting the mind and body of awaiting patients while making the workplace attractive for staff.

Unlike edited televised content that creates a cognitive load on the viewer and may not appeal to every patient, our multisensory portals to nature yield a universal relaxation response in the observer.

eScape, our Digital Cinema Virtual Window, brings the dynamic beauty of nature—motion, image, and sound—embedded within a faux window frame that offers the soothing comfort of pristine nature vistas.

eSea, our Digital Cinema Virtual Aquarium, provides a single, therapeutic portal to diverse underwater environments, transporting the viewer to tranquil, alternating scenes of sea life and other aquatic habitats.

Treatment Rooms

Luminous SkyCeilings are designed to be the dominant visual feature for patients in the supine position. The interplay of light, foliage, cloud cover, and ethereal blue sky work as dynamic visual layers that resonate with our experience of undisturbed nature.

SkyView, our Digital Cinema dynamic illusion of real sky, restores occupant wellness by providing a beautiful and therapeutic prospect view in isolated spaces.

A visual connection to nature is the most effective way to relax and provide comfort to patients about to undergo any type of stressful procedure, whether it involves preventive care, fillings and extractions, or orthodontic and endodontic procedures.

It is an ideal therapeutic feature in dental settings lacking a visual conduit to a natural landscape or overhead view.

Dental Operatory Rooms

Shift the focus of attention from unpleasant sensory input—sounds, smells, and tastes that trigger unwanted mental agitation and stir fear and anxiety—and instead allow a patient’s awareness to be drawn into a familiar and deeply comforting visual/spatial plane.

Research has established that exposure to nature and nature imagery alleviates stress, provides positive distraction, and helps reduce pain perception. Because of their superior realism, exquisite composition, unique luminous presentation, and quality craftsmanship, Sky Factory SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows bring nature inside and make dental visits more pleasant, enhancing referral traffic and word-of-mouth promotion, all of which benefit the bottom line.

Transform Your Dental Practice

Create a calming atmosphere in your dental office with Sky Factory’s Luminous Virtual SkyCeilings and Windows. See why patients and professionals prefer the transformative effect these installations have on interiors. Explore our products today.

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Sky Factory’s Luminous Virtual SkyCeilings and Windows bring the tranquility of nature to dental settings. Improve patient satisfaction and wellbeing while differentiating your practice. Schedule a demo to experience it firsthand.