Luminous SkyCeilings (virtual skylights), Luminous Virtual Windows, and Digital Cinema portals, including virtual aquariums for commercial spaces

Image 5 Conference Room With LSC and LVW

Boost Mental Wellbeing and Productivity

The most productive workplaces feature a visual connection to nature, something that a conventional lighting scheme cannot compensate for. When building design or location lack this beneficial attribute, an illusory view to open skies provides a prospect view and a restorative focal point.

Designed to be modular, Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings integrate seamlessly with high performance ceilings. As the industry’s only research-verified virtual skylights, our installations add spatial relief to a range of specialty interiors.

Corporate Office Spaces

Focused work and a fast-paced environment require that, from time to time, occupants rest their eyes. Luminous SkyCeilings use calibrated LEDS to mimic the soothing spatial depth of blue skies, allowing occupants to visually and mentally recharge throughout the workday.

Sky Factory’s multisensory, architectural portals to nature provide a therapeutic change of scale that reduces stress and fatigue while balancing the emotions.

When building location or interior design limit access to nature, Aperture SkyCeilings provide an elegant illusion of open sky that allows guests to relax and feel at home.

Educational Settings

Learning environments should support focused attention and creative interaction. Scientific literature confirms the benefits of exposure to views of nature in the classroom, which help refresh focused attention, consolidate learning, and strengthen working memory.

When access to daylight and views to nature are limited, Luminous SkyCeilings, which credibly simulate a view to open sky, give students a multisensory outlet that aids cognitive restoration and emotional balance.

Luminous SkyCeilings enable students to remain relaxed and alert throughout the school day. A visual connection to nature and daylight-quality light improves educational performance, social awareness, and knowledge retention.

Specialty Retail

Increase dwell time in your space by providing areas where prospective shoppers can rest, browse, and peruse new products.

Luminous SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows create a welcome visual counterpoint to staged merchandise in confined interiors.

eSea and eScape, our Digital Cinema Virtual Windows, bring the dynamic beauty of nature to retail spaces, enhancing the shopping experience by providing visitors with prospect view of green spaces that enhance the appeal of your product offerings.


The most welcoming hospitality environments feature a connection to a wide open sky or landscape.

Sky Factory’s illusions of nature are designed to expand the perceived spatial footprint of your interiors including spas, hotel receptions, VIP salons and bars, restaurants, and other public areas.

Luminous Virtual Windows transform enclosed interiors into more spacious feeling and memorable spaces.

eSea, our Digital Cinema Virtual Aquarium, is a versatile portal capable of displaying diverse underwater scenes—an ideal addition to waiting areas, public spaces, and open places in need of an attractive visual feature.

Government & Institutional

Dedicated operations centers, high performance spaces, and other deep plan environments that lack meaningful visual access to green spaces benefit from incorporating an engrossing virtual landscape or overhead view of the sky to enhance staff wellness.

Our range of Luminous SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows allow occupants of enclosed interiors to feel more comfortable and perform their functions effectively throughout the day.

When it was installed we were all amazed. It really opens up the space, and makes you feel that there is a bright sky up there even when you’re in a building without any windows. We just love it.

Patty Kennedy, Coordinator, Ohrenberger Community Center

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