An award-winning nature photographer and experienced wild nature cinematographer, Radim Schreiber is well known for his playful firefly landscapes.

A member of Sky Factory’s graphics team for over a decade, Radim announced earlier this summer that it was time to dedicate himself fully to his own photography. In recognition of Radim’s best work over the years, we’d like to feature some of his most memorable wild nature images, including a selection of his distinctive wildlife portraits.

Radim’s impressive, award-winning resume include outstanding wins including The Rainforest Alliance’s Grand Prize (twice!) in the Picture Sustainability photo contest (2008, 2009), 1st place at the Smithsonian Magazine’s 8th Annual Photography Contest (2010), and 1st place in the 41st Annual National Wildlife Photography Contest (2011).

“The images below are the result of thousands of photographs that I took over the last six years”, says Radim. “It takes a tremendous amount of patience to capture a photo of a firefly, in almost complete darkness while it flashes. I have not used any digital manipulation when creating these images.”

Our exclusive image library features dozen of stunning examples of Radim’s work.