Erlanger Children’s Hospital

In 2017, Erlanger Foundations engaged Bruce Komiske, a world-renowned expert in children’s hospital design, and HKS Architects in Atlanta, to revamp their downtown medical campus.

During phase I, Erlanger Health Systems commissioned the 90,000-square-foot Kennedy Outpatient Center (KOPC) at the Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga, TN.

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Image 3 Erlanger Hospital Lobby Interior

The center was designed to embrace its young patients, giving flight to their imagination and creativity by making their journey to wellness an adventure in both visual and kinetic exploration.

“We originally designed the outpatient center with a skylight through the third floor roof to bring in additional natural light to the lobby/education/waiting spaces,” says Dan Luhrs, Senior Project Manager and Principal at HKS Architects.

“During the course of design there were additional programs that wanted to be accommodated in the KOPC that were aligned with the service lines that moved over from Erlanger Baroness. These additional programs needed the floor area on the 3rd floor that was slated to be open to the skylight and now became a solid floor blocking the skylight. So, we removed the need for the skylight and enlisted Sky Factory to help us recreate the sky above the KOPC in their system,” noted Dan.

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