Greenwich Hospital

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    Classic Luminous SkyCeilings
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    Greenwich, Connecticut
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The pleasantly curved elliptical form creates a portal to an engagingly authentic cloudscape fringed with blossoming trees and foliage.

Greenwich Hospital installed two uniquely engaging Luminous SkyCeilings in the radiation treatment area of the hospital’s new addition. The 6’x8′ Rectilinear Luminous SkyCeiling features a tapestry of gold, brown, and orange Fall foliage backed by a clear blue sky. The hospital also purchased an alternate set of SkyTiles featuring a fresh Spring scene.

The 10″x14″ Elliptical Luminous SkyCeiling, one of the larger elliptical SkyCeilings the Sky Factory has created, features a skyscape of layered clouds that lead the eye up into seemingly infinite space.

Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut is a 174-bed regional hospital, serving lower Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. It is a major academic affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine and a member of the Yale New Haven Health System.

Since opening in 1903, Greenwich Hospital has evolved into a progressive medical center and teaching institution providing all medical specialties and a wide range of medical, surgical, diagnostic and wellness programs.

Staying on the forefront of patient-centered care, in 2007 the hospital opened a separate 7,500 square foot Center for Integrative Medicine. The Center was designed using Feng Shui principles and “green architecture”. The Luminous SkyCeilings also provide a connection to nature that has been found to help alleviate patient stress.

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